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Drew Sarich Graphics
banners, discussions, graphics, icons, news, photos, etc.
9th-Sep-2011 09:03 am - Konzert Karten - Tickets

Does anyone need tickets for Drew's concert in Essen (Germany)?
25th and 26th of September - 1 ticket each.

16th-Jul-2011 09:12 pm - Desktops (x2), well, maybe (x3)
sei ein prinz
I'm not exactly sure why I did these, but hey, I did, so I figured I would share. :) They are sized 1900x1266, because I have a widescreen and that is my resolution.

I enjoy messing around in Photoshop 6.0, even though I have no clue what I am doing. Therefore! If you are interested in Drew!Desktops from any particular show, production, or scene from a show/production... let me know, I am just looking for an excuse.

Clicky clicky for full size versions. Everyone else, Drew pictures on your LJ home page. Deal with it!

^ As my friend says, "Your desktops are always so happy and uplifting."

... and same as the above with words...

21st-Apr-2011 09:15 pm - Drewsus
& other images from the Vienna 2011 JCS production. Dee, but this is beautiful.

Link points to this blog. Go, be filled with anticipation. Or envy, depending on your distance from Vienna.
13th-Apr-2011 03:03 pm - JCS Vienna 2011 Followup
I said I would do it, so - here it is. The day is a bit gray here, so the photo isn't the best quality.

I dislike drawing white shirts even more than blonde hair. The things are so impossible, honestly! Also, this might actually be the first time I've drawn a rosary, which is such an odd thing to think of. 've done enough religious art, you would think I had done one before... Definitely not the first time drawing Drew. It gets easier every time =) I'm learning!

An aside: does anyone know if there is a story behind that leather bracer he always wears on his right arm when he does JCS? I've noticed it at the concerts, and of course in Amstetten, and I'm curious.
8th-Oct-2010 07:53 pm - Desktops "Plus"
Right, so - I don't really "do" Photoshop.  I have an old 6.0 version on this computer and I know just barely enough to pretend to know what's going on.  But while resorting my wildly out of order pictures, I stumbled across these 5 Rudolf desktops I used at one point or another and thought... aw... why not?

Feel free to snag if you want a change of scenery.  [Also, sketch xposted from my journal.]

The mouse, it gravitates towards these words.Collapse )
27th-Sep-2010 04:29 pm - Broadway Challenge Community
Join broadwayverse !!

An interactive challenge community all about Broadway theatre!
Ask for Team Ensemble and tell them I sent you!

P.S. Mods, please tell me if this is not allowed, and I'll gladly take it down!
Oh and join Team Ensemble - it's the best one ;)
25th-Sep-2010 10:06 pm - *ping*
echo, echo, echo...

Well, it's been quiet here, so even though this isn't finished you get to see it anyway. (Yay)

+ Edit 9/26

Because there were such lovely stills from the Juliet Letters concert, you'll be seeing a lot more of theseCollapse )
10th-Aug-2010 06:58 am - New Fan
Oh my gosh! I recently fell in love with Drew Sarich's voice -- so excited to find this community. What gorgeous graphics y'all make!

my intro post information

Name: Joy

Age: 26

Location: California

Favorite Musicals: Les Miserables, Rudolf, Light in the Piazza, Miss Saigon

Why you like Drew Sarich: He is the first actor I've watched/listened to who seems to put 500% into his performance, each and every time.

What you would be willing to contribute to the community: I would like to try my hand at some graphics.

Anything else? Grab our attention!: Does anyone know where in the States I can buy or download Drew's solo album and International Victim?

Thanks guys!!
20th-Jul-2010 03:26 pm - Seeking stills...
What the title says.  I have one or two good promotional images from Lestat [aside from the NYC streetside photoshoot with the poster], and a couple of smallish images from the Magdeburg production of Evita.  So... I was wondering if anyone out there had pic material from either Lestat or Evita they might be willing to surrender to my hungry artist senses...

...since it's been decided that kidnapping the man himself is out of the question? ;)
6th-Jul-2010 11:05 pm - Les Misérables
Steam Bustledress

It's short but, it's Drew!
Anyone else find it really strange to hear him speak in English? I don't think I've heard an English interview since Lestat...
9th-Jun-2010 01:21 am - A Request
Hello people...

I'm writing here because I need help. I've been looking for some audios or videos of Drew's interpretation of Hedwig. I really NEED hear it.

But I don't have anything to give you in a treat, so if somebody could gift me some audios only hoping a sincere "thank you" by my part I will be really, really grateful with you
4th-Jun-2010 05:20 pm - Eye-Candy:
[t bundy] pensive
As was discussed in the previous entry, I recently stumbled upon a photo of who else but Drew?!

It was new to me. However, I'm unsure of how "NEW" it really is...but for those of you who may not have seen it...

(I'm not putting it behind an lj-cut because this should take up as much space as possible!)

31st-May-2010 08:42 pm - Drewdolf & Mary
Hail to all, your neighborhood Drew fanart sketching peep here, checking in with my latest Drew-as-Rudolf piece. Because this place has been a bit quiet and that's a crime. :) It also features Lisa Antoni as Mary, and I really don't have a lot of experience drawing her, so I hope she came out okay!

I've been sharing the English translations of this musical left and right (and winning converts). I also keep hoping that Disney will bring Hunchback to the US, starring the one&only - but, alas, not holding my breath on that one.
30th-May-2010 12:21 pm - Reviving Livejournal!
[t bundy] pensive
So, pretty much ignore my previous entry!

I'm taking a break from what has been keeping me away from Livejournal (other than the lack of activity). I'm going to try to keep things flowing around here.

That said, since it's been ages since I've made Drewcons, I feel "inspired" to make more!

Are there any you (members) would like to see? I have quite a collection!

How are you all doing, anyway?
11th-Apr-2010 10:22 pm - Screencaps?
Did anyone ever go through Acts I&II of Rudolf and make a selection of screencaps?

If so, can I have them? Pretty pleaaaaaase? :)
arsnova drew
After some requests and self-prodding, I've undertaken a mission to go through every single one of Drew's original songs (ba-dum tssch!) and comment about what I like / what strikes me, and my musings on what the songs mean.  (Some of them can be pretty cryptic.)

Since this place has been pretty quiet lately, and I'm not done with another Drew image to put up ;) I thought I would link to my latest installment - which, by the way, has the general title Operation: Drewing Around. This is part six (of a million) and talks about Strange and Beautiful from Say It.

Click over to my lj to take a look. If you flip through the recent entries you should find installments 1-5 pretty easily; the songs are New York City, Soothing Tones, Rescued, Let it Lie, and Casanova's Waltz.
As it was mentioned in the comments in another post I thought I should upload Drew's interview with the musicalclub before it will disappear in nowhere. It's really lovely, he's so likeable:

2nd-Feb-2010 06:03 pm - Mod Post - Brief Hiatus
[t bundy] pensive
Hi guys,

I contracted malware, a virus, trojans etc...which posed as an antivirus program called "Antivirus Soft." My photos/screencaps are all on my computer but I can't view them without the problem wiping out all my programs again. I tried fixing it to no avail. So, I won't be making icons and junk until my computer-guy fixes it for me. Fortunately, I have everything backed up, if he has to wipe everything and start over.

Also, I may not be around for a few days, if he has to take my computer to his place to work on it.


I've also been having some health issues that have kept me away.

But, I promise to post more once all this gets resolved! I'll even take some requests for icons/banners/etc.!

Please keep the community alive by posting entries of your own and commenting on those posted.

[t bundy] pensive
In case any of you want to spend a bit of money:

I found all kinds of goodies for Rudolf while checking to see if a "Musical Christmas 2009" album or video has been put up for sale yet (it hasn't...but as soon as there's something, I'm purchasing it!!).

Rudolf CDs, clothing, DVD, posters, etc!!!


Two Quick Notes/Rules:

1. Please tag your entries! This will make it easier to navigate through the community, if someone is looking for something specific!

2. If you're going to link uploads/gifts/etc., please lock the entry to be MEMBERS ONLY!! If someone requests something and you upload it for them, please send it to them via PM or e-mail...don't link it in comments visible to the public!

15th-Jan-2010 06:19 pm - Yet another request....
magnificent amy
Is anyone willing to share the Rudolf soundtrack with me? Yes, I am that much of a Drew-newbie. I hadn't even looked up Rudolf until today, but damn, I'm interested, despite that I know no German whatsoever. That "Master of the Strings" song is brilliant. I CRIED SO DAMN HARD IN THE FINALE. sfj;fasjlj.

Does anyone have the English Rudolf concept album as well? The translation doesn't sound as sucky as most of the French - English musical ones I've heard, and they would help for getting general idea for the songs.

And lastly, does anyone know where I could buy/download the DVD?

Damn, I am suuuuch I newbie it's not even funny.
14th-Jan-2010 07:21 pm - Questions and a Request
Does anyone have the 2006 Jesus Christ Superstar album, with Drew playing Jesus? In return, I could give you the complete Glockner soundtrack with Drew as Quasimodo =)

Also, some Drew-related Q&A from the previous post, while I'm up here:

Which musical (and/or performance) got you "hooked" on Drew?

Oh, totally Glockner. Of course my complete adoration for Quasimodo and any man who has played him definatly helped xD But Drew's performance vocally got me really interested into learning more about him.

Which are some of your favorite performances of Drews (specific songs, videos, etc.)?

It's hard to specify with this man - he's played about every role available on Broadway! xD His Quasimodo is personally my favorite, but I also like his Judas in JCS, of what I've seen of it. And I'm pretty sure I would love him as Enjorlas for Les Miz if I could find anything of him in it!

Have you ever seen him live or met him in person?

I actually have seen him live - waaaaay before I actually knew it was him! I saw him play Jean Valjean in London two years ago. And I'll be honest - I actually didn't like him that much as Valjean. His voice is just too young, amazing as it is. I don't think it's possible for his voice to age.

If you could put him in any role, in any musical, which would they be?

I'd love to see him on Broadway as Quasimodo, so soooo much! But apart from that, I don't think there's a role I love he hasn't done yet! xD

EDIT: Damn, I really want to see him in a role in RENT! Especially Mark - dammit, his voice is perfect for Mark. And I think he could pull of a pretty freaking awsome Angel as well - and I do mean that as a complement.
14th-Jan-2010 04:23 am - Testing. Testing. Check one. Check!
[t bundy] pensive
Sorry I've been kind of absent. I've been busy making icons. I promise to make some more Drewcons soon!

This community seems lifeless!

So, in an attempt to liven things up...I pose to you, community members, a few questions!

Which musical (and/or performance) got you "hooked" on Drew?

Which are some of your favorite performances of Drews (specific songs, videos, etc.)?

Have you ever seen him live or met him in person?

If you could put him in any role, in any musical, which would they be?

Okay! Answers!

Also, I hope you all are doing well!
28th-Dec-2009 10:38 pm - Icons and a banner
[t bundy] pensive
I didn't have time to do much but here's what I've mustered up for now! I hope you enjoy!

Icons + Banner:
[001-030] Drew Sarich


Drewcons and a banner...Collapse )

- Photos are not mine but please do not claim icons or banners as your own
- please credit clear_sarcasm or sarich_graphics
- please do not hotlink
- comments are always loved
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